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    My name is Mike Starbuck

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    I'm an exerienced knitted fabric innovation consultant for circular weft & warp knitting

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    I can help you resolve your technology problems

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    I offer a wealth of experience in knitting and knitted fabrics, from grass roots level to boardroom

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    I have the knowledge that can save you time and money!

Working as a textile executive in the Industry for over three decades has provided me with unique creative and technical skill sets. Recently these skills were recognised by the Textile Institute with the award of Fellow of the Textile Institute.

Previously, I have worked extensively with R&D teams. I have been responsible for driving fabric and materials innovations, in line with brand and supply chain strategies.

Currently I am working as an independent contractor collaborating with Universities, Patent & Intellectual property and various leading brands, assisting with new innovation and personnel training.

I’m now looking to collaborate with companies who can further capitalize on my research and innovation experiences.

Clients I work with

Mike Starbuck Ctext Textiles Consultant: Clients include: Hanes Brands Inc, Norman Waterhouse Lawyers, Santoni, RJ Nilit, Shima Seiki, De Montfort University Leicester, Nottingham Trent University